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Cottage Insurance

At some point, we have all seen the pictures or plaques with the cottage rules: “wake up smiling, hang up your towel, relax, swim, nap often” and the list goes on.  Mason Insurance Brokers wants to make sure your cottage is indeed a place of rest and relaxation.  We have an exclusive Premier Cottage Insurance Program designed for your peace of mind.  Our Brokers take pride knowing for over the past 20 years, our exclusive Premier Cottage Insurance Program has protected both our clients and their unique cottage properties. 

Our goal has always been to understand our client’s lifestyle and insurance needs and pair that with the right coverage at the right price.  We have a personalized solution for everyone.  Whether you are relaxing on the dock, roasting marshmallows by the campfire or swimming in the lake, we want you to feel secure knowing your investment is protected.  

Mason Insurance Brokers understands that finding value in your cottage insurance policy includes finding the best broker to look after your individual needs and ensuring you are properly covered for the best price.  Each of our brokers will take the time to review and understand your individual property, then find you the best coverage and price. Mason Insurance’s exclusive Premier Cottage Insurance Program recognizes that every property has different features, from building material to landscaping choices, requiring a policy designed to suit its unique needs.  Whether you are using your cottage seasonally or year-round, whether it is a log cabin, a lake house or your second home, protecting your family’s escape is our number one priority.

Our Premier Cottage Insurance Plan was introduced in 1998 with the idea that cottage owners should be able to obtain stand-alone insurance coverage for the cottage.  We understood that most cottages require the same types of coverage as a home rather than basic fire coverage on an actual cash value basis.  By offering homeowners type coverage for cottages, our clients can now obtain enhanced insurance packages at a reasonable rate, no strings attached.  Our results speak for themselves.  Our exclusive Premier Cottage Insurance Plan has not stopped growing since inception and continues to improve by keeping the client in mind.

Types of Cottage Policies

Secondary Cottage Insurance – This policy is for those who enjoy their cottage all year round: winter, summer, spring and fall.  This policy may include all risk protection to your cottage, outbuildings, docks and other structures and guaranteed replacement on your contents.

Seasonal Cottage Insurance – This policy is typically for those who enjoy their cottage during the spring, summer and fall but close-up for the winter.  Our seasonal packages may include replacement cost on buildings and contents, protecting you from fire and extended perils including storm damage, theft, vandalism, building collapse and much more.

Cottage Insurance with Rental Coverage – This policy is for those who are looking to combine the personal use of their cottage while generating some income from short term rentals.

Builders Risk Cottage Insurance – If you are making plans to build or rebuild the cottage of your dreams this insurance coverage will protect you beginning with the pouring of the foundation until occupancy.

Understanding Cottage Insurance

There are many factors that impact your cottage insurance pricing and acceptability.  Your cottage is your home away from home and although cottage insurance policies share many similar components to home insurance policies, there are some additional factors to consider:

  • Location, Location, Location:  The proximity to fire services, distance to bodies of water and remoteness can impact your policy.
  • The use of your cottage:  While most cottages are used primarily by the owners, some companies offer coverage for short term rentals, long term rentals and through rental agencies.
  • Type of heat:  Oil heating and wood burning stoves can often be found in cottage locations.
  • Building materials: Log homes or cottages constructed of a riskier material.

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